Weight Loss 101 PLR Pack



Weight Loss 101

A Beginners Guide To Permanent Weight Loss

As the seasons turn out of Winter and the heat appears through Spring the inevitable shedding of Winter clothes happens and the Summer wardrobe comes out to play with most of us looking down in horror at the few extra pounds hanging around our tummy, thighs and bum gained through Winter.
This Summer phenomenon, along with new years resolutions are the 2 times of the year we dust off our running shoes, prepare to go on a diet, scour Instagram & Facebook looking for the latest & greatest methods of losing weight and we start the weight loss journey hoping to get our beach body ready in time.
But in our search for information, we are literally confronted with Millions of different methods and hacks to losing weight that are being sold by athelets, celebs and trainers that it's hard to know what to believe let alone which one to follow! That we usually end up following a fad diet that has us going round in circles and eventually we end up the same as before... if not worse
What we need is a foundation for successful weight loss that has been proven to work long term and that anyone can follow
In this short no-fluff beginners guide, we will be introducing exactly what these foundational truths are, or what we call "Weight Loss 101" and how you can incorporate them into your life for permanent weight loss

Here's what you will find in the guide

  •  Chapter 1 – Assessing Your Current Health Situation
  •  Chapter 2 - Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude
  • Chapter 3 - Setting Goals & Meeting Them
  • Chapter 4 - Small Changes, Make Big Differences
  • Chapter 5 - Understanding Nutrition & Applying It
  •  Chapter 6 - Popular Diets & Choosing The Right One For You
  • Chapter 7 -Introducing Exercise Into The Mix
  • Chapter 8 - The Importance Of Resistance Training
  • Chapter 9 - Smartphone Apps & Wearable Devices
  • Much More
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